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Turn-based RPG inspired by Dark Souls


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Battle Souls is an RPG where players control a group of up to four adventurers, with whom you explore a world in ruins, full of monsters and danger everywhere. Your goal: get answers and find out why the world is running out of time until its end.

You'll have several dozen different characters at your disposal and you can team up with them to recruit other characters from your basecamp. Each character has its own skills and has its own list of special abilities. But some are more useful in the front line of battle and others will act better from behind.

Combat in Battle Souls is very similar to that of Darkest Dungeon. Your characters are located on the left of the screen and your enemies are on the right. During turn-based combat you carry out your respective actions, all the while able to see your chances of success according to the type of attack you make.

In any case, just like in Darkest Dungeon, the fighting only represents a small part of the game. During the exploration phase you can choose which path you want your group to follow, and find random events or traps that make you lose life points. Learning to deal with all these aspects of the game will be vital to your success.

Battle Souls is an excellent RPG for Android. It's at a halfway point between Darkest Dungeon and Dark Souls. In terms of mechanics it's clearly influenced by the title made at Red Hook Studios, with a clear-cut esthetic based on the Dark Souls saga. All good references in any case.
By Erika Okumura
Battle Souls: the Spanish Darkest Dungeon for Android

Drawing inspiration from quality games is inevitable. Battle Souls from the Spanish TaleSoft Studio doesn't even try to hide its gameplay inspiration, being based on the brilliant Darkest Dungeon, and the same goes for the dark fantasy style influenced by the Dark Souls saga. In fact, all it takes is a quick look at Tap Souls, their last Android title, to clearly see the enormous devotion to the work by FromSoftware.
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